Roper Whitney Punches
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  • No. 112
  • No. 125

Bench Shears

No. 112 Bench Shear 12"

The No. 112 shear is portable with a full opening of 13". Its divided work surface allows use of the full length. Other features include: choice of ruler placement for short strokes, front steel rule, protective front and rear plastic shields and safety latch locks.

No. 125 Bench Shear 25"

The No. 125 bench shear is precision made, of the highest quality, engineered to provide precise shearing, long life dependability and the utmost in serviceability. It features top and bottom blades that are interchangeable, automatic material hold-down, large work surface, finger safety guard, and easy to reach steel front gauge.

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Specifications No. 112 No. 125
Maximum shearing capacity, mild steel 24 ga. / 0.61mm 18 ga. / 1.25mm
Maximum shearing capacity, stainless steel 28 ga. / 0.38mm 22 ga. / 0.76mm
Maximum shearing capacity, leaded brass 0.025in / 0.61mm 16ga / 1.6mm
Maximum shearing capacity, aluminum 20ga / 1.0mm 14ga / 2.0mm
Maximum shearing capacity, flexible plastic 1/8in / 3.18mm 1/8in / 3.18mm
Maximum cutting length 13in. / 330mm 25in. / 635mm
Back gauge range in. / 762mm 12.5in. / 317.5mm
Front gauge range in. / 940mm 12in. / 305mm
Shipping Weight 27lbs. / 12kg 230lbs. / 105kg
Ordering Guide Catalog No. Shipping Weight
No. 112 Bench Shear 140071120 27lbs. / 12.3kg
Hi-Speed Blade
(Upper and Lower blades are identical)
No. 125 Bench Shear 140071250 230lbs. / 105kg
Hi-Speed Blade
(Upper and Lower blades are identical)